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London Athletic FC: Empowering Young Athletes Since 2010 ​ London Athletic FC, established in 2010, has steadily evolved into a premier destination for young athletes. With each passing year, our growth has been both remarkable and purposeful. We take immense pride in offering an inclusive, exhilarating, and educational platform catering to over 600 players aged 4 to 18 years. ​ Our Comprehensive Training Approach ​ Our commitment to excellence shines through in our training programs. Our players engage in bi-weekly training sessions, enriched by numerous avenues for extra refinement. This includes personalised 1-on-1 sessions, specialised skill enhancement classes, and dedicated strength and conditioning training. ​ Cultivating Skills, Mindsets, and Bonds ​ Every Sunday, our teams engage in match days that go beyond the game. These sessions foster positive mindsets and nurture invaluable team-building skills. Through healthy competition and collaboration, we mold not just skilled athletes but well-rounded individuals. ​ Explore Our Diverse Teams ​ Dive into the world of London Athletic FC by exploring our diverse range of teams. Each team is a unique microcosm of talent, camaraderie, and shared goals. Discover the journey of growth and achievement that each team embarks upon. Join us today and be part of a legacy that continues to redefine youth sports. London Athletic FC - Where Dreams Take the Field.

Elevate Your Performance with Exclusive Private Coaching

Our private coaching program is tailored to your unique needs, designed to propel you towards your goals like never before.

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Gear Up for Victory at Our Official Football Club Shop - Your One-Stop Destination for Quality Merchandise!

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Youth Team

Unleash Potential, Forge Team Spirit: Join Our Youth Football Team Today!

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Toddler Group

Nurturing Future Stars: Enroll in Our Kids Football Toddler Group for Early Skill Development!

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