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1-1 Private Training

At London Athletic we offer 1 on 1 sessions for all ages and abilities. The sessions are intense working on improving skill and technique. The sessions last For 1 hour with player specific programmes, to enhance the players performance in a particular part of their game.

We have a proven track record of big improvements in the players performance over a short space of time, with players using what they learn to either get scouted, to keep their level up to a high standard or to have the confidence to play for a team and improve their level in their team. 


London Athletic welcomes all ages and abilities to do the sessions at times and venues to suit your schedule. For more information and to book a lesson please see below.

Learn the basics


Our sessions cater to all abilities, with

a key focus on improvement

Personalised program to enhance performance

Technical Coaching

Applying theory practice to on the pitch

Confidence Building

We insure players have the confidence 
to play for a team and individually. 

Extra Support

We give players the support

they need to flourish to kick start

their career. 

Achieve Dreams

We have a track record producing high quality players within a small amount of time. 

Don't miss out, book your private session below!

Simply film in the form below and a representative of LAFC will be in touch within 24 hrs!