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London Athletic FC is thrilled to introduce our new offerings: KS2, 3 & 4 lessons, along with tailored breakfast and after-school clubs upon request. Our sessions are delivered to the utmost standards of excellence.

Our dedicated football coaches possess Masters and BA degrees in Sports/Football and Teaching, specializing in school sports instruction. Elevate your school's sports curriculum with our expertise.

Additionally, we provide a secure environment and extended facilities before/after school hours, catering to parents who require flexible pickup/drop-off times.

We take pride in ensuring affordability while maintaining the highest quality of service.



Benefit from London Athletic's extensive coaching experience spanning 2 to 18+ years, spanning over 13 years.


Our proven expertise guarantees a well-structured and progressive approach when integrating our coaching into your school curriculum.

We offer two versatile approaches to suit your school's needs. Firstly, we can work closely in alignment with the school's directives, tailoring our coaching to match your PE program.


Alternatively, London Athletic offers a thoughtfully designed Curriculum, aligning with National guidelines. This ensures dynamic, enjoyable, and skill-enhancing sessions. Our coaches excel in various sports, including Dance, Gymnastics, and team-building activities.

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Flexible Formats for Club Operation

The execution of these clubs is at the school's discretion. We offer two options:

Designated Sports Area: Our coaches guide students through specific techniques and game aspects, culminating in a friendly match.

Interactive Lunch Sessions: In cases of staggered lunchtimes or weekly sessions, we tailor interactive lunchtime sessions for specific age groups. These sessions are engaging, team-oriented, and promote bonding among participants.


Specially Crafted for Vulnerable or SEND Children. 

Our sessions offer students a secure and encouraging space to nurture their skills and confidence, both individually and within small groups.


Our coaches impart a spectrum of abilities, encompassing resilience, teamwork, and communication. These teachings empower children to enhance their self-esteem, enrich their social interactions, and cultivate emotional well-being, all within a protective environment.



London Athletic: Your Source for Before and After School Care

We're pleased to provide before and after school care services for children aged 3-11+ at your school

Quality Care with Credentials

London Athletic holds Ofsted registration and adheres to proper food handling standards. Our services are meticulously structured per session:

Breakfast: Designed to prepare children for the day, fostering a calm and interactive environment.

After School Care: Encompassing Arts & Crafts, Sports, Interactive games, and provided meals. The afternoon commences with a tranquil settling-in period, followed by engaging activities tailored to the day's schedule.


London Athletic: Offering a Variety of Sports for Your School's Consideration.

Choose from a diverse selection including Basketball, Netball, Football, and more. Our expertise ensures we're well-equipped to support your school's needs. Our club structures function in two distinct ways.

With the 'School Paid' approach, the school remits a fixed fee per session we conduct on-campus.

For the 'Parent Paid' option, London Athletic handles administrative tasks for these clubs. This includes managing bookings, liaising with the school for registers, and related responsibilities.

Paraplegic Sporting Event

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